Tamalyn Dallal

Oriental Dance teacher, writer and film maker

July Classes 

Take a Virtual Tour of Tamalyn's Costume closet!

Sunday, July 18, 2-4pm, $20

Learn how they were made, where they are from, her motivation, why we needn't be limited to 2 piece costumes. Explore options. They can be low cost or not. Lots of stories and hopefully inspiration and new ideas for you. On Zoom. 

Costume Workshop, July 18, $20

Tuesdays 7-8:30pm CT, July 6-27, (4 classes) $60

On Tuesdays, Tamalyn teaches a new choreography each month. For July, we will learn a dance to "Salome's Seven Veils" by the Egyptian musician Ahmed Abdel Fattah. We will only use one veil, for half the song. Then the song switches to a variety or rhythms and traditional instrumentation. 

Thursdays 12 Noon-1pm CT, July 1-29 (5 classes) $50

"Songs Every Dancer must Know" In this class we will dance to and learn about the most common songs in Oriental dance and how to interpret the music through your dance.

(Tues. and Thurs. together, $90)

Monday Mornings, July 5-26, (four classes) 7:30-8:30am CST $50

Basic Foundation- How to apply these basics to music and make your dance clear and clean, timeless, relaxed and enjoyable. We will learn the difference between skeletal and muscular approaches to movement and how to add dynamics to the basics to make them sizzle.

Mon. and Tues. together, $90

Mon. and Thurs. together, $80

Mon., Tues. and Thurs. together, $130 

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MONDAY classes in July, $50

TUESDAY classes in July, $60

THURSDAY classes in July, $50

MONDAY and TUESDAY classes in July, $90

MONDAY and THURSDAY classes in July, $80

TUESDAY and THURSDAY classes in July, $90