Tamalyn Dallal

Oriental Dance teacher, writer and film maker


session - Holiday schedule)

Mondays, Dec. 9-16 (2 week session) 7:30-8:30am CST $30

"Earth and Sky" Tamalyn will focus on one ion the important principles of her dance and teaching style: Being grounded (earth) and expressive (sky)

Tuesdays, Dec. 10-17 (2 week session), 7-8:30pm $35

Short Choreography - "Carmen in Africa" (music produced in Zanzibar by the Ikhwani Safaa Musical Club) This choreography combines Zanzibari drums, Arabic instruments, and the famous song from Carmen, "La Habanera."

Thursday, Dec. 12 (1 week only - special class) Noon - 1pm, $15

"Long Rhythms" Chiftitelli, Semaii, Turkish 9/8 and Masmoudi Kebir- How to differentiate between the rhythms/ Movement combos for each one. 

Mon. and Tues. classes $50

Mon. and Thurs. classes $40

Tues. and Thurs. classes $45

Mon., Tues., and Thurs. classes $60

Mondays $30

Tuesdays $35

Thursday, December 9, $15

Mondays and Tuesdays $50

Mondays and Thursdays $40

Tuesdays and Thursdays $45

Mondays, Tuesdays 

and Thursdays $60

Holiday Party and Performance on Zoom! - Friday, December 10, 7-9pm CST
Bring your own popcorn balls and eggnog. We will dance and celebrate. 

LIVE! Visit New Orleans, 3 Day Workshop April 18-20, 2022. 
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